5016 (no2) Spliced Treble Dodging Maximus (10 methods)

A G Reading

 234567890ET Straker's Passage S

 3527496E8T0 Phobos S

 42638507T9E Neptune S

 57392E4T608 Palatino S

 648203T5E79 Cyclops S

 795E3T20486 Jabberwock S

 08T6E492735 Erebor S

 ET907856342 Griphook S

 T0E89674523 Avon D

-ET089674523 Ribble Link LTB



11 part.


528 each Avon D, Cyclops S, Erebor S, Griphook S, Jabberwock S, Neptune S, Palatino S, Phobos S, Straker's Passage S; 264 Ribble Link LTB; 109 com, atw, eld.


248 90ET,... etc anywhere within the change.

238 TE09,... etc anywhere within the change.

596 4-bell runs (Inc 321 6-bell runs, Inc 105 8-bell runs) at the back.

452 4-bell runs (Inc 249 6-bell runs, Inc 81 8-bell runs) off the front.


First rung at London St Sepulchre on 13/05/17, conducted by the composer